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Paisaje Bonsai Miniatura


Creating Bonsai Landscapes

Un libro de Su Chin Ee

18 Proyectos Miniatura de Jardines Bonsai
Paso a paso de cada uno, con explicaciones y ilustraciones pormenorizadas, como por ejemplo la posición de los elementos.
Con filosofía Feng Shui

Learning the art of Bonsai landscapes forma Su Chin Ee. Requiires no coaching in Oriental spiritualism, no complica red horticultura o techniques, And no investiment in expensive tools or materiales. All that is required is a love of nature and the ability to sit back, close your eyes, and imagine”.
Colín Lewis from the Foreword

Drawing on the naciente philosophy of Feng Shui , the art of Bonsai was first practiced to please the ancentors so that they would bestow blessing on generations to come.
Penjing an older form of Bonsai that translates as “Landscape in a pot or dish”, is the art of création miniature scenes. It provides a natural way to incorporate the spirit of the East and the principles of Zen gardening Within the horticultural traditions of today. The 18 miniature montages featured in Creating Bonsai Landscapes are not only a delight to look at but also offer a way to bring the soothing harmonizing spirit of bonsai into your home.
Explains which plants and ingredients you need, where to find them, how to plant and positión the elements in the landscape, and how to nurture
the plants to full maturity.
Includes appropriate advice for choosing contaminéis, using moss, making your own rocks and landscape elements, and creating pools and waterfalls.
Featured step-by-step instructions and ilustrations for creating Bonsai tree styles particular to the Penjing art form.
Incorporates Chinesse shiwan clay figures, cerámic lanterns, and other traditional Eastern objets to suggest a setting and bring the scenes to life.


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