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Plantas Otras

  • Ficus Otras  
    de Claudia Quintana

    Planta tipo árbol, de interior, en el exterior en climas calidos.

  • F._carica_thumb
    Ficus carica Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

  • F_citrifolia_1_thumb
    Ficus citrifolia Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Another strangler, this one from the caribbean and west indies. Epiphytic in nature is always disperced by fruit bats and birds that eat the little red figs, growing in trees and structures alike everywhere. Also known as "Jaguey Blanco" and American Banyan.

  • F._retusa_crassifolia_thumb
    Ficus crassifolia "Green Mound" Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Medium evergreen tree from asia, sometimes take seasons and lost all leaves. Also known here as the "lemon fig" because of its yellow leaf color when new and also the fruits stay lemon yellow. Medium small somewhat tick green leaves and yellow siconia (fruit) with smooth gray bark. Can be trained as ...

  • F._elastica_burgundy_thumb
    Ficus elastica "burgundy" Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

  • Ficus elastica "robusta" Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

  • F._elastica_sylvie_thumb
    Ficus elastica "Sylvie" Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

  • F._philippinensis_thumb
    Ficus filippinensis Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

  • Glumosa_1_thumb
    Ficus glumosa Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

  • F._microcarpa_hillii_thumb
    Ficus hillii Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

  • F._retusa_lingua_02_thumb
    Ficus lingua Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    This tree was actually developed in laboratory by grafting technicians... is a cross between 2 different microcarpa breeds. The tree is great for bonsai cultivation and also preaty fast grower indeed; very showy color and aspect gives this one an exelent choice for house plant, patio tree or bonsai s ...

  • F_alii_longifolia_1_thumb
    Ficus longifolia Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Evergreen tree very common seen as a house plant everywere and will thrive very well in tropics and sub-tropics alike. The distinctive leaves make it a very interesting tree. Long narow leaves that resembles spear blades is it distinction, with a couple of variations of it in the nurseries arround. N ...

  • Lyrata_1_thumb
    Ficus lyrata Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Evergreen tree with peculiar big leaves that resembles violins. Very common tree in any garden due to the very distinctive and decorative leaves and patterns. Must be tipped to encourage branching, otherwise will grow as a single upward trunk with leaves arround.

  • Macrophylla_a_thumb
    Ficus macrophylla Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    One of the true monsters of this genera, the ficus macrophylla. This tree can attain enormus proportions not only in height but also in girt and in surface rooting sistem. Native of Australia where it can reach the 30 meters in height and several meters arround the base... definitely not for the smal ...

  • F._nerifolia_salicaria_thumb
    Ficus nerifolia Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

  • Seedlings__f._oblicua__thumb
    Ficus obliqua Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Another epiphyte, known as the "small leaf fig". This is a big beautifull evergreen tree from Australia that tend to have the "strangler" habit and can create forests of itself. Seeds can be sperced very easy by bats, birds and rodents of the area. Beautiful dark green papery leaves big when young a ...

  • Microcarpa_panda_1_thumb
    Ficus panda Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Also known as money tree because the peculiar rounded leaves that resembles quarters. A direct family descendant of F. green emerald, with wish is often grafted to change the leaves pattern and shapes.

  • Ficus pandurata Otras  
    de Ali Urbieta

    hojas muy grandes y redondeadas, verde intenso

  • Religiosa_seeds_thumb
    Ficus religiosa Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Also known as "Bo Tree", "Peepul", "Sacred Fig" and "Pagoda's Fig" the Ficus Religiosa comes from India, Nepal, Asia and Indonesia. Its a sacred tree to Budist religion, thus the name. Very distinctive heart shaped leaves with elongaded tip sometimes as long as the leaf sheet itself and a distinctive ...

  • F._microcarpa_retusa_nitida_thumb
    Ficus retusa var. "Nitida" Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Also known as "indian laurel" and "indian banyan". Epiphytic tree in its native regions. Small to medium evergreen tree very common to parks & public places. Very easy to grow and is quite forgiving to mistreatment, this make it a very good subject for Bonsai cultivation.

  • Triangulata_1_thumb
    Ficus triangulata Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Also known as ficus triangularis because the shape of the leaves.

  • Seedlings__f._virens__thumb
    Ficus virens Otras  
    de Dorian Bakx

    Evergreen tree native to Australia. Is one of the family of so called "epiphytics" or stranglers. Meaning that they can grow in the top of other trees, rocks, structures, etc. as bats and birds releases the seeds after eating the fruits and thus, just by growing roots that hang and draw moisture from ...

  • Ficus, aloe vera y otras Otras  
    de Marta Susana Medina

    necesitan cambio macetas, cambio de tierra, fertilizaantes.

  • 006
    Filodendro Erubescens Otras  
    de Antonio Iurato-multiverde.flor.lanus

  • Gr_40459_3291519_491727
    Fittonjia Otras  
    de Matias Gonzalez

    Una hermosa planta que solo necesita ambiente cálido y humedo. No sé en que categoría corresponde... Saludos!

  • P1010055
    Flor Blanca Otras  
    de Noelia Gallo

  • Foto_1387_08-10-2008_15_10_thumb
    Flor de maraca Otras  
    de Jorge Mora

    Flor de Maraca ¿Conoce usted la extraordinaria flor que aparece en la fotografía 1? Tal vez a primera vista diga el lector que no. Observemos primero los sépalos de color crema: el dorsal más grande y con los bordes encorvados; los basales con sus ápices agudos. La corola es la más llamativa, tanto ...

  • Foto_1504_28-02-2009_23_02_thumb
    Flor de nácar Otras  
    de Teresa Loranca

  • Gral_paz_003_thumb
    Flor de palo borracho rosado Otras  
    de Edgardo Ruben

    Esta flor hermosa la tomé en la avenida Gral. Paz a la altura de la Avenida de los Corrales, lo particular es que la pude tomar desde lo alto de la copa del palo borracho.

  • Foto_1403_22-10-2008_15_10_thumb
    Flores de Zarcero Otras  
    de Jorge Mora

    Muy cordialmente invito a los lectores de Costa Rica a la IV Feria de las Flores en la pintoresca ciudad de Zarcero, situada a 50 al noroeste de la ciudad de Alajuela en Costa Rica. A todos los lectores de esta página, la invitación para que me visiten la próxima semana en que espero ofrecerles un ...

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